What players are saying...

 "Distinctive guitars always put a smile on your face and having played a range of David's stunning work recently, I'm still smiling! These are next level instruments crafted with considered skill, passion and an understanding of the tonal dynamics required to make a guitar sing. Crisp, clear upper register and sustain with vibrant mid-range and warmth in the bass. Attention to aesthetics , choice of materials and detail is second to none. For me playability is so important and these versatile guitars are a joy for chord work, finger style and soloing. I have been lucky enough to own, endorse, perform and record with some amazing guitars and David's world class guitars more than hold their own with many of the big names on the acoustic scene. Get one and smile!" 

Paul Vernon Chester
Renowned Gypsy Jazz Guitarist

 I can honestly say that my DJW Firecrest is hands down my favourite acoustic guitar I have ever played. It’s a guitar that is incredibly hard to put down and constantly draws out new inspiration. Since getting mine I haven’t stopped writing new songs. It has a much larger sound than you’d expect from it’s small body and resonates beautifully. It’s very responsive to touch and can span a range of styles well - a perfect guitar for recording. When I’ve led worship with it this guitar has brought so much joy. It’s an instrument I know I can trust and sits really well in a band mix. The detail and craftsmanship is absolutely mind blowing. The instrument is as much a work of art as a tool for making music. It is an inspiring piece to look at - let alone play. David is a genius and has created something so valuable in these guitars. They tell a story of dedication, excellence and commitment to making something beautiful. I would recommend his guitars to anyone and I’m immensely honoured to have one of his pieces. 

Rich DiCas
Worship Pastor, Leader, Songwriter

 I thought I’d also just let you know how absolutely delighted I am with guitar. I could barely put it down when I got back yesterday. Obviously the Kempton Park show wasn’t the most ideal circumstances to fully appreciate it, but once at home in a quieter setting (and with warm fingers) it became evident what a special instrument it is. I’m only an amateur but I can say for certain it’s the best guitar I have ever played/owned (which includes top British and USA handmade instruments). The most amazing thing is the playability and the ease with which I’m able to finger the fretboard. It’s truly a revelation – it’s almost like I’ve been playing a different instrument for the last 40 years! The full, rich tone is fantastic too and the clarity of every note is superb. I really love this guitar. 


 "I recently bought one of David's guitars, with a fabulous maple back/sides. The sound is beautiful, with crystal clear note separation, a tone to die for and the action is perfect for my finger picking. David's guitar cost me £x,000 LESS than my ******, and to me it's as good! I think I've finally found my soul mate (in the guitar world that is!). If you want a fabulously sounding guitar I would recommend DJW Guitars. Thanks David for creating such a beautiful instrument" 


 "Absolutely love my little hand crafted parlour guitar"