What players are saying...

 I can honestly say that my DJW Firecrest is hands down my favourite acoustic guitar I have ever played. It’s a guitar that is incredibly hard to put down and constantly draws out new inspiration. Since getting mine I haven’t stopped writing new songs. It has a much larger sound than you’d expect from it’s small body and resonates beautifully. It’s very responsive to touch and can span a range of styles well - a perfect guitar for recording. When I’ve led worship with it this guitar has brought so much joy. It’s an instrument I know I can trust and sits really well in a band mix. The detail and craftsmanship is absolutely mind blowing. The instrument is as much a work of art as a tool for making music. It is an inspiring piece to look at - let alone play. David is a genius and has created something so valuable in these guitars. They tell a story of dedication, excellence and commitment to making something beautiful. I would recommend his guitars to anyone and I’m immensely honoured to have one of his pieces."

Rich DiCasWorship Leader, Songwriter and David's Tent Event DirectorClick here for Rich's website

 I thought I’d also just let you know how absolutely delighted I am with guitar. I could barely put it down when I got back yesterday. Obviously the Kempton Park show wasn’t the most ideal circumstances to fully appreciate it, but once at home in a quieter setting (and with warm fingers) it became evident what a special instrument it is. I’m only an amateur but I can say for certain it’s the best guitar I have ever played/owned (which includes top British and USA handmade instruments). The most amazing thing is the playability and the ease with which I’m able to finger the fretboard. It’s truly a revelation – it’s almost like I’ve been playing a different instrument for the last 40 years! The full, rich tone is fantastic too and the clarity of every note is superb. I really love this guitar."


 "I recently bought one of David's guitars, with a fabulous maple back/sides. The sound is beautiful, with crystal clear note separation, a tone to die for and the action is perfect for my finger picking. David's guitar cost me £x,000 LESS than my ******, and to me it's as good! I think I've finally found my soul mate (in the guitar world that is!). If you want a fabulously sounding guitar I would recommend DJW Guitars. Thanks David for creating such a beautiful instrument""


 "Absolutely love my little hand crafted parlour guitar""