Handcrafted Acoustic Guitars

by David J Woodcock



I've been playing, setting up and generally tweaking guitars since first picking one up, aged 15. My love and fascination with the instrument has never diminished and eventually led me to build an acoustic guitar under the expert guidance of the very talented Richard Osborne. (if you're interested in making your own, do check out Richard's courses - I can't speak highly enough of the pleasure and experience gained: www.osborneguitars.co.uk/courses ).

DJW Guitars started in Thakeham, West Sussex, UK, in 2010. The instruments are my own designs, but nod towards the classic guitar shapes. My guitars are crafted largely by hand using traditional tools, but some aspects of the build are far more efficiently handled with the help of a router, drill, or bandsaw. The critical aspect is to maintain a feel for the wood and how it is suited to it's particular purpose - tone, strength, stability etc.

I'm always pleased to discuss the customer's ideas, and within reason any handcrafted guitar can be made to measure.


Small Jumbo

Based upon the famous Gibson J185. A great all rounder.

Firecrest or 00

Small bodied with a punchy sound.


My smallest offering - 12th fret body join and can be made with cutaway


Not quite square shouldered, not quite sloped - it's my version!


The original DJW - with echoes of a Martin OM and Taylor Grand Auditorium



Come and meet me and try the guitars at the following events this year. NO PLANNED SHOWS DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC


  • Thakeham, West Sussex, United Kingdom